Rooms Within China

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A kaleidoscopic presentation of 100 photographs captured by 20 of the most noteworthy contemporary photographers from China. 

Originating from a wide array of areas, generations and artistic approaches, the contributors altogether form an eclectic image of Chinese contemporary photography and illustrate a broad spectrum of expressions within the complex and diverse phenomenon that is China. All contributions are encapsulated inside rooms as the frame of setting — be it public constructions or private homes — echoing everything from daily chores, work, leisure, pleasure, and interior decor to intimacy, open-mindedness, escapism, current trends, countercultures, and generation gaps. 

Featured photographers: Chen Ronghui, Coca Dai, Feng Li, Gao Shan, Jialin Yan, Li Lin, Li Zhengde, Lin Zhipeng, Luo Yang, Pixy Liao, Shi Yangkun, Wang Lu, Wenjun Chen & Yanmei Jiang, Wenxin Zhang, Wu Liewei, Xiaoxiao Xu, Yan Cong, Yuyang Liu, Zhou Pinglang and Zhu Lanqing.

Generously supported by Politiken Fonden and S. C. Van Fonden. 

Published in close collaboration with the photographers and a broad range of prominent voices intimately and professionally familiar with China. 

  • Texts in English and Chinese by: He Yining and Tofu Collective
  • Edited and curated by: Martin Wendelbo and Nikolaj Ahlefeldt
  • Translation: Liao Dong
  • Graphic design: Louis Montes 
  • Published by: Tofu Collective 
  • Year: 2021
  • Edition: 400
  • Pages: 240
  • Size: 20,7 x 31 x 2,7 cm