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Tofu is brought together in collaboration between creatives around the globe who share the vision of strengthening the cultural and creative ties that currently lie between East and West. Through 212 pages of interviews, design, writing, art, academia and photography, Tofu Collective disseminates an eclectic range of some very personal and vulnerable thoughts created and reflected by talented creatives – all sharing a connection to East Asia. As the first publication by Tofu Collective, the magazine inspired concept is a complex introduction to our work with visual art and contemporary culture from East Asia.

Featured artists: Argus Paul, Chixi, Yoong Jang, Pixy Liao, Hui-Chin Cho, Marco Arguello, Kristen Liu-Wong, Yung Hua Chen, Eva Tind, Eleanor Ai Wang, Espen Cook, Tim Wu, Lin Zhipeng, Taekyun Kim, Li Hui, August Fenger, Pan- Projects, Mads Battefeld, Hong Kong, among others.


Year: 2019. Edition: 400. Pages: 212. Size: 21 x 28 x 2 cm