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Rooms Within China

Rooms Within China is a kaleidoscopic collection of 100 photographs captured by 20 of the most noteworthy contemporary photographers from China. Originating from a wide array of areas, generations and artistic approaches, the contributors altogether form an eclectic image of Chinese contemporary photography and illustrate a broad spectrum of expressions within the complex and diverse phenomenon that is China. 

Featured photographers: Chen Ronghui, Coca Dai, Feng Li, Gao Shan, Jialin Yan, Li Lin, Li Zhengde, Lin Zhipeng, Luo Yang, Pixy Liao, Shi Yangkun, Wang Lu, Wenjun Chen & Yanmei Jiang, Wenxin Zhang, Wu Liewei, Xiaoxiao Xu, Yan Cong, Yuyang Liu, Zhou Pinglang, Zhu Lanqing.

The publication is generously supported by Politiken Fonden and S. C. Van Fonden. 

Title: Rooms Within China
Year: 2021
Edition: 400
Pages: 240
Size: 20,7 x 31 x 2,7 cm
ISBN: 978-87-971378-3-3


Ti Tofuretter Anbefalet af Asiatiske Købmænd på Vesterbro

Ti Tofuretter Anbefalet af Asiatiske Købmænd på Vesterbro (Ten Tofu Dishes Recommended by Asian Markets in Vesterbro) is a photo- and cook book made in collaboration with photographer Frederik Valdemar Kjeldgaard and six of our favourite Asian markets in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

The book is a presentation of the shop-owners’ recommended tofu dishes alongside photographs documenting the everyday life around the unique shops.  

The project is made in order to shed light upon an often overlooked part of the neighborhood in Vesterbro through photography and local takes on tofu recipes from East Asia. 

Title: Ti Tofuretter Anbefalet af Asiatiske Købmænd på Vesterbro
Year: 2020
Edition: 125
Pages: 80
Size: 22 x 16 x 0,8 cm
ISBN: 978-87-971378-0-2


Tofu is brought together in collaboration between creatives around the globe who share the vision of strengthening the cultural and creative ties that currently lie between East and West. Through 212 pages of interviews, design, writing, art, academia and photography, Tofu Collective disseminates an eclectic range of some very personal and vulnerable thoughts created and reflected by talented creatives – all sharing a connection to East Asia. As the first publication by Tofu Collective, the magazine inspired concept is a complex introduction to our work with visual art and contemporary culture from East Asia.

Featured artists: Argus Paul, Chixi, Yoong Jang, Pixy Liao, Hui-Chin Cho, Marco Arguello, Kristen Liu-Wong, Yung Hua Chen, Eva Tind, Eleanor Ai Wang, Espen Cook, Tim Wu, Lin Zhipeng, Taekyun Kim, Li Hui, August Fenger, Pan- Projects, Mads Battefeld, Hong Kong, among others.

Title: Tofu
Year: 2019
Edition: 400
Pages: 212
Size: 21 x 28 x 2 cm
ISBN: 978-87-97137-88-8

The Tigers Have Found Us

The exhibition investigated the monumental experience of being thrown head first into the buzzling metropolises of East Asia by displaying photographs by Martin and Louis from Tofu Collective taken during their residences in Japan, China and Hong Kong. 

On no particular night in Hong Kong, Martin explored the innards of an abandoned middle school. In one of the classrooms he was met with the statement “The Tigers Have Found Us” spray painted on one of the walls. In many East Asian cultures, tigers are known as the kings of all beasts symbolising power, protection and unpredictability – much like metropolises, the kings of cities with unmatched power, protection and unpredictability. 

The collection of photos is the reflection that later helped them both understand their individual, yet shared experiences as foreigners in the overwhelming megacities – the paradox of feeling like you are at the center of the universe, while also feeling more alone than ever.

The pop-up exhibition took place on the 25th of July 2020 at the Chinese restaurant Hot Pot Republic located in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. As the photo exhibition later became permanently incorporated into the decoration at Hot Pot Republic, the series can still be experienced at the restaurant. 

Lush Bliss

Lush Bliss is a limited edition zine made for Copenhagen-based artist LOLA’s debut EP “Look at Us Now”. As LOLA’s visual universe is inspired by her love for Tokyo nightlife, Tofu Collective was in charge of the visual concept for the release taking place in Kulturgeneratoren in Carlsbergbyen, Copenhagen, on the 25th of October 2019. Tofu Collective contributed with all communication and promotion before the event took place as well as the decoration of the venue including digital visuals, Tokyo-inspired decorations and a Tekken-themed game corner. The zine was made in order to incapsulate the concept of the event and LOLA’s visual universe. 

Lush Bliss was made in collaboration with Back to Future Sounds, Brooklyn Brewery and Jinzu Gin.